The Spark that Started it All

I always knew I wanted to be an attorney. Always. While getting my MBA, as well as my JD, I quickly realized I wanted to be a trademark attorney specifically. I landed a position as a summer associate, then ultimately associate general counsel, at Agassi Enterprises in 1999, back at the height of Andre Agassi’s epic comeback, and my love for IP and sports/entertainment law was born. It was the spark that started it all.

The experience I gained, while working for Andre Agassi, along with other athletes like Shaquille O’Neal, launched my career in sports and entertainment. But, it was my love for IP and my desire to specialize that drew me into private practice. Having worked in-house with talent directly, and then honing my IP skills, I realized that no one was valuing talent as a brand, not even talent. When you see the name Shaq, Kardashian, or Stallone, a clear and powerful message is conveyed, akin to corporate brands like Nike or Apple.

I realized that entertainment attorneys only dabbled in IP and IP attorneys only dabbled in entertainment. I am an expert of both. I apply my IP expertise to assist clients in the sports and entertainment space to monetize, protect, and enforce their personal brand, as you would a traditional brand. I help clients recognize the assets they have developed, and build a portfolio of those assets and create value in their name.

As more and more celebrities became influencers, and influencers became celebrities, social media has become the ultimate equalizer. A 16-year-old with a passion for makeup can become a billionaire. Established brands try to compete, but can’t. This is what excites me about the law; you never know when an idea can propel you into success.