Want to bring the glass ceiling down? Try hammering it with these strategies.

In my career, I have mostly worked in male-dominated fields. There have been times when no other women existed in a particular group, and seeing other women in a workplace can be challenging. Visibility matters at all levels. If we, as women, cannot see that a company values the presence of women, why would we want to envision ourselves in that space? It has often been said that we stand on the shoulders of the women before us. As someone who works within male-dominated professional spaces, there are rarely shoulders to stand on. Does the glass ceiling still exist? Absolutely. Do we still come up against this imaginary barrier to levels of leadership and management? Every day. Sometimes discrimination is subtle or implicit, but when the lack of women in leadership roles is obvious, it is difficult to see that as anything other than overt bias.

To break through the glass ceiling and continue advancing in careers, women can consider the following strategies:

  1. Education and skill development: Continuously investing in education and skill development is essential. This ensures that women remain competitive and valuable assets to their organizations.
  2. Networking and mentoring: Building strong professional networks and seeking mentoring from both men and women in senior positions can provide valuable guidance and support.
  3. Confidence and assertiveness: Developing self-confidence and assertiveness can help women speak up for themselves, showcase their achievements, and advocate for the opportunities they deserve.
  4. Seek leadership opportunities: Actively seeking leadership opportunities, even if they may seem challenging, can demonstrate ambition and capability.
  5. Work-life balance: Balancing personal and professional responsibilities can be challenging but is essential for long-term success. Organizations that promote work-life balance can help women thrive.
  6. Negotiate salaries and benefits: Women should be proactive in negotiating their salaries and benefits to ensure they are fairly compensated for their work.

I have shared with my three adult daughters and one son from a very young age the importance of advocating for themselves. I believe fiercely, as a career professional, the importance for everyone, in any career role, to speak up. You are the captain of your ship! You determine your destination and the route that it takes to get there. We cannot afford to remain where we are – innovation requires us to be challenged and to have different perspectives. We can only make history in the art of the possible when we see ourselves in history. Go and do! Be amazing!