Gratitude, giving, grit – this is my G-Force in life. What’s yours?

When people ask, “What are you passionate about?” My initial response is “everything.” While that is not quite accurate (because I’m not a fan of zombie movies or exotic meats), I do think there is a lot in this world to be passionate about. I refer to these passions as my G-Force. Simply put, most of my passions can be categorized with words starting with the letter G. Let’s GO!

Gratitude – My favorite G word. The more you give the more you get and I believe that 100%. There is always something to be thankful for. Gratitude can change your mindset from negative to positive, which eventually can change your overall outlook and perspective. It is truly magical to show genuine appreciation!

Give – This does not necessarily mean money, although I have never turned away from a charity. You can give a smile, a hug or a compliment. You can give feedback, your time and your knowledge. We sometimes focus too much on what we can get from this world. Let’s change the lens to what we can give and see what a difference it can make.

Grit – Life is not easy. There are daily challenges thrown in our paths. Think about your worst day and guess what? You made it through. That means you will make it through the next one too. Grit is about tenacity, determination, strength of character and sometimes blood, sweat and tears. While life may not always show us the easy path, it is the challenges that teach us the hardest lessons and make us stronger.

Glisten – This is just a G word for sweat. Move your body, take care of your health. You only get ONE body. It does not matter if you have millions of dollars because if you do not have your health then you cannot enjoy it. I am very passionate about working out and being healthy. Once movement becomes your mindset it is a complete game changer.

Grow – Life has so much to offer and it is so important to be growing, changing and adapting. Growth could be through your career, knowledge, bank account, circle of friends, stamps in your passport and so many other ways. Growth is not shown by how often you post on social media or by making comparisons to others. It is personal and it is important.

Leveraging my G-Force helps keep me focused on what is important so I can have grace with myself and be great! I encourage you to find your G-Force and leverage it to accelerate your success in life.