My Professional Passion

The biggest motivator that ignites my professional passion is fostering the development of young attorneys in becoming strong advocates and effective trial lawyers. My favorite part about working in patent litigation is the team-sport aspect, including teaching associates what other senior attorneys have taught me over the last 26 years.

I was fortunate to receive guidance and training from great trial lawyers during my first few years as an associate. They helped me overcome stage fright and find my own voice, so that I could become a persuasive advocate for my client, whether a small or large company, plaintiff, or defendant. My willingness to take on anything and everything meant that I ended up leading most case teams. That led to second chairing, and then first chairing, trials early in my career.

Watching associates develop their own styles in the courtroom is one of the most satisfying experiences in litigation. When they win a particular motion, or adeptly present a witness at trial, it makes the experience even better.