Jean Hempel, Brinker Capital’s senior vice president of national accounts, is responsible for the execution of the firm’s business development and relationship management strategies for key broker/dealer clients, and for the ongoing relationship management of key platform providers using Brinker Capital’s investment strategies. Previously, she worked as a national accounts manager, overseeing Brinker Capital’s broker/ dealer and registered investment advisor relationships, and as a sales associate for metropolitan New York and New Jersey.

One career-related obstacle Hempel had to overcome resulted from growing up with only sisters and attending an all-girl high school. “I was not exposed to gender discrimination,” she explains. “I grew up in a world where girls believed they could accomplish the same things boys could – and they did! It took me a while to recognize that I was being overlooked just because I was a woman. I had to learn to stand a little taller and speak a little louder, so it wouldn’t happen.”

Hempel is a member of the Investment Management Consultant Association and was awarded its Certified Investment Management Analyst® designation in 2008. She is also a member of the Women in Insurance & Financial Services’ national and Philadelphia/Tri- County Pennsylvania chapters, and on the board of the Envestnet Institute’s Women in Wealth program.

“Workplace diversity is critical,” says Hempel, “Because businesses need an employee base that reflects the clients they serve if they want to be successful. For example, women now control about 33% of the wealth in North America – a number that is growing by roughly 8% per year – and firms need to attract the best female talent if they want to serve this growing client base.”

She shares this wisdom with women on their way up, “One of the best pieces of advice I received along the way is that you are the CEO of your own career. People will help you and they will mentor you, but ultimately it is up to you to figure out where you want your career to go and work hard to get there. Don’t wait for it to come to you, go after it.”