I consider myself to be an average person with an extraordinary drive and passion to make a difference in this world. My parents raised me to value family, hard work and to respect others. I became a Christian as a teenager and God has been a priority in my life ever since. I learned early on that I had this thing referred to as a fire in the belly. It didn’t matter if my journey was about family, school, work, or anything else, I would pursue it with passion.

My life’s mission has been about pursuing excellence and inspiring others to join me in the quest. Leadership comes naturally to me and I find work fulfilling. I feel it in my entire body when we are aligned for success and on a journey to do great things. I learned quickly that my passion to be a good wife and mother, while excelling in the workplace, could create conflict. I was determined to pursue both and it has become my life’s journey.

I welcome the opportunity to encourage young professionals who have similar goals and aspirations. I want them to know you can have both, but it takes a great support system, some conscious choices and a great deal of hard work. I am fortunate to have an amazing husband who is my biggest fan. Together we have two successful careers, three almost grown children and we give back to our community through our church’s youth program.

One of my greatest lessons has been that everything has its time. You can have it all, just not all at once. I learned that it wouldn’t do me or those I love any good to excel at work at all costs, just to get the bigger job and title. I realized that if a promotion required me to travel more often away from my family, it was an unacceptable sacrifice when I had small children. They are now independent and pursuing their own dreams, so the time is right for me.

I also learned that life is a series of choices and that I get to make them. Don’t allow someone else to control your life’s destiny. I have found that if I am clear on what I want, it is easier for those around me to support me in pursuing it. Visualize your future, crystallize your thoughts and communicate effectively.