Securities Expert Driving Investment Strategy

As a securities industry veteran, Janet Engels is responsible for driving investment strategy at a leading wealth management company that administers about $284 billion in assets in the U.S.

As director of the RBC Wealth Management Portfolio Advisory Group, Engels is frequently the face of the firm in the news media providing strategic analysis of financial markets. Information is the lifeblood of the financial markets, and Engels is among the first providing the latest market commentary. Through interviews with outlets such as CNBC and The Wall Street Journal, she represents the RBC brand with her professionalism and vast knowledge from 33 years in the securities industry. RBC Wealth Management-U.S. is the seventh-largest wealth manager by assets and number of financial advisors in the U.S.

Engels has been director of the Portfolio Advisory Group for the past 15 year, coming to RBC through an acquisition of Tucker Anthony, where she started her career in the Equity Research Department.

Five years ago, she helped create a global strategy report called Global Insight, bringing together research colleagues and sources from around the world offering market commentary and key forecasts to RBC Wealth Management clients. Today, Global Insight is translated into four languages and shared monthly with clients throughout the world.

Engels is a member of the firm’s Director’s Group and of the RBC Women’s Association of Financial Advisors Employee Resource Group. Beyond the responsibilities of her position, she is passionate about educating and empowering women about their finances, and about raising awareness about persons with disabilities. As a past recipient of the RBC Wealth Management Irv Weiser Diversity Award, she embodies the firm’s core value of diversity and inclusion.

Engels encourages RBC Wealth Management branches and financial advisors to host events that help women learn more about those issues. When asked about the key qualities of a woman leader, she said, “The ability to listen, which is crucial to build teams and build acceptance for a path forward. This holds true for all leaders. A second key quality is flexibility, and the ability to adapt to changing situations and circumstances.”

She also advises women to network. “Learn as much as you can, as early as you can in your career, about other people, their roles, responsibilities and experiences. Never miss an opportunity to meet someone new, and to learn something about him or her,” she said. Engels holds a BS in business administration from Bucknell University.