My advice for women regarding overcoming obstacles to advancement is that most obstacles simply are not. Life’s biggest barriers represent an opportunity to demonstrate what’s possible. Success begins with a strong belief that you will succeed. That belief may be grounded in faith, spirit, or someone else who believes in you so much that you believe too. You can then visualize your success—actually see it—very clearly. Even when you encounter a roadblock, you don’t give up because the goal is still in view.

I encourage women who wish to be corporate leaders to live rich, balanced lives. Experiencing life as a daughter, wife, and mother has prepared me to follow, partner, and leadall key skills in business.

Invest time in building strong relationships with diverse groups of people. While strong technical skills are important, particularly early in your career, ‘who you know’ matters as much, perhaps more, as you advance.

Take the time experiencing a full life to know what makes you happy. Create a plan that enables you to do work that you love. I love the work that I do; so even though I sometimes fret over my travel schedule, it’s OK because I adore the work. Find that for yourself.