The Changing STEM World

Advances in STEM are quickly increasing, including computer technologies that enable rapid development of life-saving therapies. Including women in these transforming advances is more important than ever.

Increasing Diversity in STEM

To increase diversity in STEM, it is necessary to publicize and promote women’s success in STEM careers, in an effort to inspire women who are considering such careers.

Barriers to Closing the STEM Gender Gap

Lack of self-confidence and a sense of equality

Moving Women Forward in STEM

It is essential to encourage women in STEM at all phases of their careers, from recruitment to promotion, and to publicize their accomplishments in STEM.

Women in STEM 5 Years Out

I see more women entering STEM careers and playing key roles in the development of technologies that transform the ways we live, work, and learn. Given the ever-increasing importance of technology in our society, it is essential that Women’s contributions be recognized and promoted in STEM.    

My Own STEM Experience

I started in molecular biology as an undergraduate at Princeton University in 1985, when few women were focusing on STEM careers. I enjoyed learning a “specialty” area. My interest in cutting-edge innovations led me into the field of patent law, and I never looked back. I have always been passionate about my career—working with clients, developing patent protection for lifesaving therapies, and after 28 years, serving as a leader and hopefully an example to other women entering the profession.