My upbringing was one of the biggest influences on my life and career. My family immigrated to the United States from Lebanon with little more than a desire for a different kind of life. So, my parents’ values and sacrifice always instilled the importance of academic excellence, financial independence and pursuing a life that is full of success and opportunity. For that, I am very grateful.

While there are still some challenges, there also are tremendous opportunities for women to prove themselves and achieve their goals in business. Over the last 30 years, many amazing, influential women have worked very hard to pave the way for us to break through the glass ceiling and climb the corporate ladder into the corner office. And this will only get better as we continue to offer our influence, encouragement and opportunity to smart, motivated and successful women entering the workplace today.

To be successful in business today, you not only need to be confident in your experience and abilities, but, like an athlete, you also must have passion and discipline and be willing to practice and sacrifice. Passion for your profession will always energize your career. Practice and discipline will keep you on the path you have chosen. And, consider what it will take to prove yourself and achieve your goals, as well as what you are willing to sacrifice.

While you will have many successes along your career path, you also will face disagreement, disappointment and discouragement. Don’t lose your momentum! As in life, the business world has its ups and downs, but your dedication, discipline and willingness to pick yourself up when you fall will enable you to rebound and learn from any setback.

Most importantly, good luck and best wishes! By embracing your experience and pursuing your career with fervor, excitement and determination, you will be poised to succeed as a businesswoman and future corporate leader.