How Do You Spell Success?

I have always believed that seeking success for the sake of success and for career advancement will only take you so far. For me, the prospect of “success” is not enough of a motivator to always do my best work. Instead, what motivates me is the knowledge that my efforts and achievements are contributing to society and doing something good and positive in the world.

My idea of “success” was inspired by my parents. As educators, not only were they great role models, but they also instilled in me the importance of both finding a good work-life balance and helping to make their community stronger. Their work had a greater meaning to them beyond the ability to support a family. Seeing them achieve a balanced, happy, and fulfilled life influenced my desire to also find passion and meaning in my own work.

I chose a career in development because I find it rewarding to see the societal impact directly resulting from my efforts. This is a big part of the reason I joined Charter School Business Management. The company’s mission to do social good drives me to ensure I’m doing my best every day to help nonprofit organizations and schools. Parallel to the company’s mission, it is my personal mission to make the world a kinder place through my personal and professional actions. As such, I have always made sure that each step in my career held personal significance and allowed me to lead a life that I could be proud of.

Like my parents, I strive to find work-life balance and am so grateful to have found a position and profession that allows me time for everything—most importantly, the time to be present for my family. In aiming for success, my advice to others is to define your own personal success that encompasses all aspects of your life from work to family and community. Make sure your definition makes you feel valued and leaves room for you to be the best at what you do and happy with your life.