My Adventures in STEM

Mostly, I am thankful to those who blaze trails before me, and grateful I was born when I was. I’ve been lucky enough to have had mostly very positive experiences while pursuing my STEM career. I feel incredibly fortunate to work for a company that values diversity and gives me opportunities that allow me to pursue a meaningful and fulfilling career. Of course, I wish there were more women for me to look up to, but I’ve made it a priority to try my best to look back and support others where I can, and I hope others do too.

I am a passionate engineer and a lifelong learner. Over the last several years, I’ve been actively engaged in a number of initiatives: My work on the Arrow SAM car, a semi-autonomous car which enables the driver to drive using head movements and his or her mouth, has enabled Sam Schmidt (a quadriplegic ex-Indy race car driver) to achieve a number of world firsts, including obtaining a provisional driver’s license in the State of Nevada. I also participate in Arrow’s intern program by not only managing interns, but also by being a mentor and leading the case competition.

Moving Women Forward in STEM

In order to move women forward in STEM, we must start investing when they’re young. Making sure schools and after-school programs give young girls tools that can help spark in them a lifelong passion for STEM. Next, we need recognize the achievements of the women in the industry today. By focusing on those aspects, rather than just their gender, we can show what’s important and that their advances have merit. Finally, I think we need to identify women with potential, and make sure they have the tools, strategic relationships, and support they need and deserve.

Women in STEM 5 Years Out

Five years out, I hope to see more women in more positions, especially leadership. I hope to see people embracing the differences and value women bring to STEM. I hope to see equal pay for women. I hope to see more women supporting and sponsoring other women. I hope to see more men stepping into the conversation. And I hope to see more female entrepreneurs in STEM fields.