My Parents’ Bravery Sparked My Professional Passion

Growing up as a fisherman’s daughter on Cape Cod taught me a lot about professional passion and entrepreneurial spirit.

When my parents were in their 30s, they risked their entire life savings to build what is now a multimillion dollar offshore fishing business.

For the past 30 years, my dad has made the harrowing trek out to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in unrelenting pursuit of professional success five days a week. Recently, he pivoted to leading the fishing industry in adopting ropeless fishing technology to help reduce whale entanglement deaths in the United States.

I source my professional passion through my admiration of my parents’ bravery to start a business (let alone one of the most dangerous out there!), the commitment my dad shows daily, and his continued dedication to innovation in one of the most physically challenging industries in the world.

From this uncommon upbringing, I learned the meaning of hard work and resilience—skills that I believe are required to be a female professional, and to advocate for myself and other women in tech.