I Am Passionate about Making an Impact

I am passionate about seeing the impact we have in our communities through our daily work at Washington Capital Partners. I am proud that Washington Capital Partners is helping remove the stigma of the hard money lending industry by adhering to the highest ethical standards in our business transactions and practices. I enjoy waking up every day knowing that we’re facilitating access for real estate investors to the capital needed to start and grow their businesses. We not only get to create new entrepreneurial opportunities for the investors, but every project we fund provides new jobs for contractors and skilled tradesmen—and women.

I am especially passionate about our efforts to empower our women investors, in particular, providing access to resources that meet their unique lending needs. Being able to say that we play a key role in making real estate transactions happen and helping their businesses grow is extremely rewarding, especially when we hear from our clients that we played a role in their being able to provide a better life and more opportunities for their families.

When I drive around a neighborhood and see how we contributed to the revitalization of the area, I see our work take shape. I like reflecting on the fact that because of one project that we funded, there is a snowball effect of contractors being hired, local vendors being supported, and even neighborhood restaurants seeing more customers.

I am so happy to be working with such a unique and talented team. I especially enjoy seeing team members start their careers with us and grow into management and leadership roles. Aside from their technical abilities, I am proud of being connected with them because they are great people with outstanding values who inspire me daily. I celebrate each time we hire a female team member in our male-dominated industry, and I rejoice even more when they get promoted internally. I am honored to work with our male colleagues, who support us women and empower us to reach the best version of ourselves.

I immensely value the collective impact that we create at Washington Capital Partners when, through The WCP Foundation, we can give to well-deserving and highly-impactful charities. We support initiatives and organizations that aim to create systemic changes, while addressing social and economic inequalities, such as immigration reform, racial inequality, economic empowerment, housing sustainability, and environmental causes.