Representation Matters

As a child of immigrants and a woman of color who achieved partnership at Ford Harrison, I believe I am a clear example of what can happen when you have strong sponsorship and mentorship by a leader who looks like you. Representation matters. My law firm mentor, who was also a child of immigrants and a woman of color, made me believe that I could follow in her footsteps, and she actively supported me so I could. I am passionate about diversity and inclusion both personally and professionally, and I want to make sure that diverse lawyers who follow me will benefit from the same sponsorship I received and will thrive at our law firm.

Some of the best advice I have ever received is this: “To whom much has been given, much is expected.” Also, never forget my roots. I am keenly aware of the numerous unique opportunities I have as a woman of color in the United States because of the personal sacrifice and toil of my immigrant parents who came to this country from India with $8.00 to their name. I will never have to make the same sacrifices my parents did, and I feel a duty to pay it forward by helping others achieve the same opportunities.

After law school, I joined Americorps, where I developed a curriculum for an underserved school in Boston that had a large population of recently arrived immigrants. During my time in Americorps, I was exposed to inequalities in access to education, which further solidified my resolve to advocate for immigrants.

The advice I received, and my own keen awareness of the opportunities I had, motivated me to pursue immigration law as a career. It continues to focus my daily work, and imbue my professional life as a business immigration lawyer with higher purpose, meaning, and drive. I have spent my entire legal career at Ford Harrison, including seven years as partner and head of Immigration Practice. As head of Immigration Practice, my work directly supports our clients in their efforts to hire and integrate the best and the brightest foreign talent—many of whom are people of color—into the fabric of American business and society. I have zealously advocated for them through years of intensely restrictive immigration policies and rules. This work has resulted in a fulfilling career, knowing I am doing my part to extend the same opportunities I have to others.