In sharing advice about mentoring, you will read a great deal about the common threads that make up the fabric of our
careers. A few cornerstones I’ve learned along the way are to get a good education, find an opportunity to do an internship early in your career, have a good work ethic, always do your best, treat others with respect and know your company’s business.

I grew up believing that one person can make a difference and that, in some way, I could change the world. I still believe that is true. Making a difference begins with how we relate to each other. At the least, we must all treat each other fairly and with respect. Embrace diversity, share ideas and work collaboratively.

I can’t stress enough the importance of education as the foundation for all career success. What you learn today will affect the opportunities that you have tomorrow. Continue to grow and learn every step of the way. There is so much to be learned from the experiences of other people. There is also much to be gained through hard work.

It also is very important to help other people. Whenever I’m asked to meet with young people, to give advice, or to brainstorm with someone about finding a job, I make the effort to find the time. I advise people to choose careers that they enjoy and where they can make a difference. Community involvement and commitment are important parts of life. It is essential for everyone to give something back to the neighborhoods and institutions where they work and live.

If there is one final lesson I can pass along, it is this: Titles and money do not define your value. The greatest things that you can earn are the respect and trust of other people. Bring your personal best to all environments, whether it’s at work or with family and friends.