To be one of tomorrow’s corporate leaders, I believe you must have integrity, respect for people, a desire to constantly learn, and a natural curiosity about the world. You must not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. It also helps if you’re action-oriented and decisive.

A successful leader is someone who can take a dream and turn it into a vision, and communicate that vision in such a way that people not only understand it, but believe in it and are motivated to accomplish it. A successful leader is one who is wise enough to create an inclusive and diverse environment where people can get on with their work, yet who is humble enough to step to the side and cheer the team on to success.

I’m a big believer in diversity. I want to create an environment where you could bring your whole self to work. No one should have to worry about trying to fit into the organization—that is a waste of time and energy that people could be using to do their jobs.

When we talk about diversity in the United States, we usually think of more women and minorities in the workplace; but we need a more global perspective in our definition of diversity to include all cultures. For instance, our company is developing a talent pipeline to better utilize the strengths of all our employees around the world, fostering a culture where everyone is a leader. This means that everyone knows what his or her job is within each organization. This also means that we expect employees to know what he or she has the power to do, and then decide to do it.

Finally, I think in order to become one of tomorrow’s corporate leaders, you need to remember to have some fun along the way! Enjoy what you do and the people with whom you work. This will give you the enthusiasm and the energy to keep going when others give up. It will also inspire the people you are leading