Innovating for a Better World

At KPMG, we innovate to propel our future and drive growth for our clients. We monitor the market, invest in our business, and develop strategies to help the organizations we work with achieve their goals. We also invest in improving our community; each KPMG professional has the same overarching purpose—to make a difference today, while making the world a better place for future generations.

During my tenure at KPMG, I have seen our organization transform in the context of a broader global evolution. My teams and I have been confronted with change, complexity, and challenges. We have responded with collaboration, creativity, and commitment to persevere through each phase of transformation and achieve our goals.

These six “Cs” have been the root of my professional inspiration and have supported my career advancement, while elevating innovation as part of KPMG’s core business strategy.

  • Change. The rate of change is exponential, especially with the emergence of new technologies. I’ve learned that it should be not feared, but embraced. Getting comfortable with the concept of change has kept me motivated by, and laser focused on, the work I do.
  • Challenges. I’ve observed that every challenge is actually an opportunity to thrive, not hide. Tackling challenges has helped accelerate my own pace to reach professional goals, as well as KPMG’s innovation goals.
  • Complexity. Complexity shouldn’t, but often does, become overcomplicated. By taking a step back, I’ve realized that even the most complex problems can often be disrupted and solved with a little out-of-the box thinking.
  • Collaboration. It isn’t always easy, but by working together we can develop the best approach to any problem. Each team member has a unique perspective to offer, which helps us develop the best solution.
  • Creativity. KPMG’s strength depends on more than a cross-functional, collaborative approach; we also capitalize on the creative thinking of our teams, which sets us apart from our competition and drives the best solutions for our clients.
  • Commitment. There is a higher purpose to innovation, and we help junior pioneers cultivate their existing passions and early ideas. For example, we work with Enactus, an organization dedicated to creating a better world, while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators.

These concepts work together to ignite my fundamental professional passion and maintain my day-to-day inspiration to innovate for KPMG, our clients, and the greater good.