The value of a college degree has not changed. What has changed is how we think about educating today’s college students. The bottom line is that we must prepare them for the rapid rate of change worldwide.

It is imperative that the leaders in the field of higher education step forward and impress on our students the new reality: that earning a degree is just one critical step in creating a globally competitive workforce. The global demand for talented workers continues to rise exponentially and today’s graduates need to be ready to compete with students from every corner of the world.

As a college president, it is my responsibility to make sure that Kendall College students graduate with the skills they need to achieve success in their careers. In our classrooms, there is an increased emphasis on students developing both the practical and analytical skills they need to thrive in a competitive global economy. Success will go to those with the desire to learn and the ability to solve problems.

Graduates also need to be prepared for lifelong learning. The traditional four-year college degree is just the beginning; students must continue to learn new skills and be adaptable to a dynamic and changing workplace.

I firmly believe that as an industry we need to continue to find new, innovative ways to provide our students with a high-quality education that will lead to a successful career. If we can continue to improve how we deliver our “product” and get this right, we will help millions of students realize their dreams in this global economy. This means accelerated pathways to graduation, increased online learning options to support completion and affordability, and ensuring that curriculum and experiences are global in nature. It is our responsibility to ensure that our citizens not only compete in the global economy, but that they thrive.