My personal leadership philosophy mirrors Synovus’ Leadership Model, which is comprised of three main areas of focus. Our model begins with living our values, where we focus inwardly on becoming the best leaders we can be; making others successful, where servant leadership is lived outwardly; and growing the business, where the fruits of effective leadership are seen through growth, team-member rewards and increased shareholder value.

LIVING OUR VALUES: Our company is a dynamic, fluid, moving organization subject to constant change. But in every decision we make as leaders, we must go back to our core values as a touchstone: We value the worth of every individual; we value service to others, our customers and our communities; and we value a passion for excellence. We expect leaders to act with integrity and openness, say what needs to be said, provide feedback in a timely manner and demonstrate courage and candor. Our values expect leaders to exhibit energy, drive and passion, strive for personal learning and take 100 percent responsibility for their actions.

MAKING OTHERS SUCCESSFUL: A leader who genuinely cares about people and puts their needs before his or her own inspires top performance and loyalty. We have to be willing to reach out to and lift up others. We do this by creating lasting relationships, communicating for clear understanding, coaching for high performance and building a collaborative environment.

GROWING THE BUSINESS: As leaders, we have a responsibility to keep our team members focused on our vision and goals. Our shareholders have made an investment in us, and we have a responsibility to grow the business and produce a profitable return for them. Whether it is an individual or corporate issue, we all have to work on keeping the big picture in mind. We must think strategically and embrace change, make sound decisions and execute for results.

Everyone is a potential leader. I believe great leadership is about serving others. It requires an honest look at yourself to determine if you are enabling others to develop the skills, abilities and confidence to become great leaders themselves.