Barriers to Closing the Gender Gap

One of the main barriers to closing the gender gap is not seeing men as our allies. We need to remove that stigma and know that men are our allies. You have to be open and courageous to bring your allies along with you in your journey. I have found that many of the mentors in my life who have fought the hardest for me have been men.

The Changing World of STEM

STEM is everywhere. It’s not a nice to have, it’s a must have. Coding is an important skill that all children should learn. In my mind, when people say STEM, it really means STEAM because the art is also an important element, fueling creativity and innovation. The landscape has shifted so that STEM is not just for certain people with particular interests. It’s a must for every age, gender, and group.

Moving Women Forward in STEM

As a leader, you need to make sure that you’re bringing along the right people with the right skill sets. That’s fundamental, because otherwise you’re not going to be serving the business and moving your mission forward. You need to bring others along with you, particularly women, lifting others as you climb.

Where I See Women in STEM Five Years from Now

Ruling the world. More and more women in STEM will be in positions of power. There will be more women on boards, as CEO’s, and in other powerful roles. And hopefully, we’ll have a woman president too.