I feel very fortunate to have taken a diverse career path that has brought me to where I am today. Each choice has afforded me vibrant experiences and complex challenges that prepared me to run a large and dynamic 24-hour operation.

For 11 years I have worked with Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. and have blossomed as a professional in part because of its merit-based philosophy where individuals who introduce the best ideas and produce solid results are openly rewarded and recognized, no matter their level in the organization. This has allowed employees, including myself, to move up the ranks in a relatively short amount of time.

When climbing the corporate ladder, I made a point to be very flexible in terms of relocating for lateral/ upward opportunities. I have worked in both our corporate offices and at several properties, allowing me to network company-wide and learn from the best. Additionally, I actively sought out new responsibilities, volunteered for extra projects and never turned down assignments. Knowing higher-level positions require varied experience, I looked for opportunities across different functional lines to increase my knowledge base and value within the company.

Seven years ago I decided that I could do even more to improve. At the time I worked directly with Harrah’s CEO, Gary Loveman, and wanted to return to school to obtain my MBA. I met with him and pitched the benefits Harrah’s would obtain if they sponsored my continued education. While it was a particularly easy sell, given the fact he is a former business school professor, it took considerable courage and self-awareness to know what I needed in order to grow and to contribute to the company at a higher level.

While it was difficult to balance work and school, the real test for life balance began in 2006 when I had my son. At that point I had to determine what was best for our family and my career. I sought a position that did not involve significant travel in order to be the best employee, wife and mother. Within a year, I returned to property operations and it has been a perfect fit.

Continuous improvement and self-reflection are key contributors to success. By keeping myself open to new challenges and opportunities at Harrah’s Entertainment, I’ve been able to find success in business and life.