I have learned so very much from many, and I am grateful for all the lessons. Never stop learning; get training and acquire new skills. Read, think, and generate ideas to apply and teach others. Learn something new each day.

Be passionate about what you are doing. Try always to stay positive despite the setbacks we all have. Think success, not failure. Surround yourself with a can-do, go-get-them attitude. Be strong and resilient. Be the best you can be. Be creative and innovative. Don’t be afraid to be different. Leaders are not afraid to be unique and to push hard for what they believe, to take issues ahead of our time.

Take Action. Goals are nothing without action. Be customer-driven; work hard; go the extra mile on everything. Never give up (only change course when it does not seem to work, but work hard for it anyway).

Deal, build partnerships, and communicate. Give back with mentoring and support.

Work with those you like and admire. Network and realize that we are only as good as our many friends, supporters, and buddies (women mentorships or “fentors” are so very special).

Say “thank you” daily, write notes of appreciation, or call and express gratitude. Give hugs and love. Be grateful for family and friends, and find the time to celebrate them and give to them. Sharing with my personal and business friends is special to me.

Be helpful. Give of your time—and if you can, your money—for philanthropy, for politics. I am so proud to have worked with the Peace Corps and Poverty Program early in my career, and I cherish the non-profit boards.

Support diversity advancement. Women and minorities comprise the backbone of the economy—the market, the workforce, and the entrepreneurial talent base of the new America. Embrace change. Women and people of color will account for about 70% of all new workers by 2008, only three short years away!