My decade of working in the biomedical industry, as well as years practicing law, have allowed me to gain invaluable professional and personal life experiences. It hasn’t always been easy, however, as I have encountered many challenges and obstacles along the way. Through these challenges and the lessons I have learned, I came to understand what it takes to navigate a successful path to achieving goals.

Show respect. Be respectful towards others and the differences of others. Respect shines everywhere. Do not let negative comments or doubts bother you. Change them and turn them into a positive learning experience. It is up to you to navigate the changes that will be the most beneficial in your career. Dwelling on the negative will only make things more difficult. Do not be stopped by obstacles, but be encouraged to turn them around as motivation to accomplish your goals.

Be a leader. A leader is someone who can comprehend what others cannot, while striving to go above and beyond. Being a leader is not merely about delivering great speeches, but it is about executing the unthinkable, looking at the big picture and never losing sight of the end goal.

Balance. Although your career is important, balancing work and life is a necessity and an art form. I’m still working on mastering this, as both can be demanding. My advice: balancing these two life spheres is a must – not an option. Work, especially as you advance, is not merely a job to make a living, but more of a platform to give back. I am a true believer of feeling satisfied in both my professional and personal lives and strive to achieve this balance every day.

A golden piece of advice I received and feel necessary to pass along is to be a good citizen first, then be a good employee. A good citizen, in my opinion, is one who is trustworthy, dependable, hard-working and devoted. After all, every aspect of life and work is about personal interactions.