There are five basic ideas I focus on in my life, which have allowed me to grow personally and professionally. They have helped me to make decisions consistent with my values and the values of my employers over the years. I offer these ideas as a starting point for tomorrow’s corporate leaders to help guide their careers.

Be true to who and what you are. As tempting as it may be sometimes, don’t try to be someone else—it doesn’t work in the long run.

Take the high road and rise above the noise. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself personally, as well as for the organization.

Surround yourself with outstanding leaders who have great attitudes, and empower them to do what they do best. Not only can you help them rise to new heights they may never have imagined themselves reaching, but you will learn many new things from them as well.

Lead from your heart. Speak from your heart and make connections with people from the heart—let them know you care about them. This is true in business and your personal life. Connecting with someone over a cup of coffee can be a very rewarding experience for both parties.

Take as many people as you can with you through your life journey. Love what you do; share it with others. There are so many different people in the world, and you can benefit from their experiences and learn from the examples of their lives. Take them on your journey and they will take you on theirs.

Two of our corporate Guiding Principles are: providing a great work environment by treating each other with respect and dignity; and embracing diversity as an essential component in the way we do business. Not only are these principles exceptional guidance for making business decisions, they are also two great principles to follow in everyday life.