Juggling with Purpose: Finding Success in Family, Work and Community

Dorothy Helfenstein, a senior vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton, has more than 20 years of experience leading businesses across both government and commercial industries including healthcare, finance, and citizen services. Since joining Booz Allen in 1998, she has been involved in numerous transformation engagements across the federal government, including the Internal Revenue Service, and the Departments of Navy and Labor, among many others. She is currently a leader in Booz Allen’s Defense business.

Colleagues describe Helfenstein as an accomplished business leader who thrives on energizing organizations and building businesses by enhancing innovation and developing technology solutions for a broad base of clients. She has the unique ability to be a “spark” of change, bringing a vibrant mix of consulting and advanced technology expertise to motivate teams and leaders, solving clients’ toughest problems.

“My success and the path to the many opportunities open to women today was paved by the pioneers who went before us,” Helfenstein said. “My goal has always been to honor and value these trailblazers by doing my part to make the journey for our up and coming women leaders a little easier and even brighter.”

Outside of work, Helfenstein is a mother of two and actively engaged in her community. She is on the Board of Directors for the Management Consulting Institute and on the Corporate Advisory Council for Capital Partners for Education. She holds a bachelor in science in psychology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Over the years, Helfenstein has become a skilled juggler to successfully manage the constantly evolving priorities of family, work and community. She says everyone has different priorities they juggle every day, with varying levels of importance—a series of glass, plastic and rubber balls. Glass balls, Helfenstein says, will shatter if they’re dropped; plastic ones can be dropped and may dent, but will be fine; and rubber balls will just keep bouncing.

“Each day, determine what the ‘glass’ priorities are in your life; whether it be a work deadline, a child’s school event, or a sick parent,” she said. ”Don’t get distracted by the ‘rubber balls’ you are juggling – focus on your top priorities, the glass,” Helfenstein said. “That advice has helped keep me balanced, centered, and true to the me I want to be and want others to see and experience.”

This strategy has clearly worked for Helfenstein. In recognition for her work she has received the Vice President’s Hammer Award for Re-inventing Government, two IRS Commissioner’s Awards, and is a three time recipient of the Booz Allen Excellence Award, Booz Allen’s highest honor.