Saying Yes to a New Challenge Revealed This SunTrust EVP’s True Calling

Dorinda Smith joined SunTrust more than 25 years ago, and has held roles of increasing responsibility during her tenure with the company. She served in several operational leadership roles, guiding the business through enormous transformation. But, as she describes it, she never really knew what her calling was until she was asked in 2013 to lead a sales channel. Since accepting the role of sales leader, Dorinda has introduced the new and fast-growing, non-delegated division and, in 2014, delivered more than $8.5 billion in production, working with nearly 600 correspondent clients.

Recently, Dorinda led a professional development session for the company’s Women’s Teammate Network and shared her list of the “Top Things I’ve Learned.” Among the highlights were the following:

Change equals opportunity; know your strengths; love your job; have fun at work; learn every day; let go—things are not always going to go your way; learn what you need to learn from even the bad times and move on; be grateful; listening is power; be bold; and take action quicker’ don’t wait for life to hand you something—grab it; don’t wait for your employer to hand you the perfect career—go after it; talk with a lot of people about what you want to do—spend time with the person who has the job you want.

“If you only take one piece of advice from this, make it: ‘Believe in the possibility of you,’” said Dorinda. “It’s the career advice I’d give my former self.”

Her passionate advocacy for her clients, her team, and the professionals she mentors make her one of the most dynamic leaders from one of America’s top mortgage lenders. And she takes that can-do approach into the community as a volunteer with Junior Achievement and the YWCA.