Increasing Diversity in STEM

In order to increase diversity in STEM fields, we must create an all-inclusive environment. In general, the funding in schools for STEM in the last 15 years has focused on building a diverse pipeline. Funding STEM for all students will continue to be important as a way to show both boys and girls from any background that they can be successful and have fun in a STEM career.

Barriers to Closing the Gender Gap in STEM

We need to remove the bias that one has to be skilled at math and science classes to enjoy STEM programs. STEM is more than doing equations and memorizing theories. STEM is about building things, using logic and finding solutions.

How the World is Changing with Regard to STEM

STEM degrees are leading the pack for individuals coming out of college with jobs. The top paying jobs according to US World News and Report are in STEM-related fields. We are most focused on STEM from a recruitment standpoint at Ally.

Where I See Women in STEM in Five Years

Since STEM is a top growing industry, I think it creates a lot of opportunity for women. In five years, I would like to see the number of women working in STEM increase to a level that is comparable to the number of men in the field.