Paving the Way for My Daughters

Many thanks to Profiles in Diversity Journal for honoring me with this award. As a woman working in the technology field who is raising two fiercely independent daughters, I’m grateful to be recognized in this way.

I sought out the technology field as my career choice for two reasons: 1) it’s highly interesting and 2) it’s incredibly challenging. I have always found the “hard” topics to be the most engaging. Technology provides a daily challenge with its fast pace and constantly evolving products to discover and decipher.

It has always been front of mind for me that I have a responsibility to further the impact of women in technology. We’ve come a long way, but technology is still a male-dominated field and women have to work hard to earn their place at the table. I come from a long line of working women, and I am committed to continuing to pave a path for my daughters. We are who we are because of the hard work of the people who came before us, and I believe we have a responsibility to further the progress for the future.

Women have historically made incredible forward progress when they work together. We are masters at driving change by joining forces and having each other’s backs. The same philosophy holds true in the business world. As our world becomes increasingly divided, it’s important to remember that we are much stronger together. To that end, there are a few thoughts that I keep in mind:

  • Build your tribe. Whether it’s a mentor to help you manage difficult circumstances, family to support you as you navigate life, or friends to call at the end of a long day, it’s critical to surround yourself with people who care about you and your success. No one does this alone, and none of us should feel afraid to ask for help.
  • Support one another. Support other women to ensure their voices and ideas are heard and recognized. Celebrate and amplify other women’s accomplishments. Openly encourage women to go for it, or privately send them a note of thanks or encouragement. I try to make this a daily habit.
  • Give back. Mentor, advocate for, and create opportunities for the women around you. I am so grateful for those who have coached, counseled, or inspired me to do more and be better, starting with my grandmother and mother, and continuing with some incredible women in the workforce. It does not matter where you are in your career; there is someone who needs your help and advocacy. Find that person and make a difference.

It’s my privilege to work in the field of technology, to help further the progress of women in this space, and to continue to pave the way for my daughters.