My Advice? Be True to Yourself

If there was one piece of advice that I would give to other women who are starting or building their careers it would be this: Be true to yourself. By that, I mean know your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, and your personal and professional goals, and let that guide your way to a fulfilling career. Also, understand that these traits make you unique and will ultimately define a unique career path that works for you. Advancing a career in a direction that utilizes your natural strengths and brings you closer to your goals will more likely lead to success and satisfaction, regardless of the level achieved.

Part of being true to yourself is learning how to apply advice that can be gleaned from mentors and others in your career area. A good mentor or role model is invaluable, but it is important to understand that everyone’s career path, and definition of success, is different. Thus, it is important to not let another person dictate how to proceed on a career path. It is also important to not assume that the mentor’s path is the only correct path. Welcome advice from others, but then, decide how to apply it to yourself, if at all, rather than trying to mimic another’s path to success.

Another part of being true to yourself is learning to let go of the stereotypes of success. I have learned in the profession of law that there are many different personality types who achieve great satisfaction and success in their careers. One does not have to play golf to land clients, or go to sporting events to connect with colleagues. The world is a diverse place, and if you are true to yourself, you will be able to relate to others in a way that is authentic and lasting, leading to success and career satisfaction.