Taking Business Strategies to New Levels

Colleagues of Christi Cannon, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Development, of Garden City Group (GCG), describe her as “the dynamic force taking GCG’s marketing and business development strategy to the next level.”

This former litigator, who joined GCG in 2007, leverages her understanding of clients’ needs to develop successful, long-term partnerships. She serves on both the company’s executive and leadership teams, driving efficiencies and collaboration across all departments.

Most recently, Cannon was tasked with creating a new structure for the company’s marketing and development functions to develop a focused and measurable approach to attacking GCG’s markets. Under her direction, the teams are working together and across the organization as a whole to drive client retention and satisfaction.

Raised in a family of attorneys, Cannon knew since the fifth grade that she wanted to be a lawyer.  She never envisioned any other career, graduating magna cum laude from Auburn University and receiving her law degree from Emory University. Before joining GCG, she worked with some wonderful law firms, litigating some of the largest and most complex of class action cases.

Although she finds excitement and satisfaction in her work, Cannon, who is married and the mother of 10-year-old triplets, strives to maintain a healthy personal life. “When I sense that work stress is affecting my overall happiness level at home, I step away for an hour or two, or a day or two if I can, and focus on what is important to me personally – being present with my family and friends, being kind and laughing a lot,” she said.

Cannon says the most important quality a woman leader should have is resilience, and she advises women to practice trusting their judgment. “Those around you may have more experience, but experience does not always mean good judgment,” she said. “Plus, others’ advice may not work well for you. In the long run, you have to make and stand behind your own decisions.”

Cannon also encourages women to develop strong networking and business development skills. “Make developing those skills your absolute priority from day one – they will be yours and yours alone through the twists and turns and blind curves that can arise during your career.”