I have learned many lessons in life. The four that follow have helped me to realize my career goals:

  • Develop and cultivate relationships.
  • Never stop learning.
  • Be open to change.
  • Maintain a proper balance in your life.

The relationships I have cultivated both professionally and personally are what I value most in life. I believe a large part of being successful is the ability to know and relate well to those around you. Make the time to focus on developing, cultivating and building your relationships. Regardless of your audience—customers, mentors, employees or other constituents— developing strong relationships is an integral part of effective leadership.

The quest for knowledge and the ability to leave your comfort zone are crucial to success. New opportunities help you develop and hone the leadership skills that will open the doors to future advancement. Be comfortable with new challenges, understand risk and embrace change. Opportunities that involve unfamiliar territory or adversity are always difficult at first, but ultimately these experiences will build your confidence and teach you to trust your instincts.

There’s life outside of the office. Remember to balance your professional and personal life. Without an equal balance, you become less interesting and valuable as a leader and an employee and, ultimately, less satisfied personally.

I believe that these lessons have helped me to achieve success in my life and can benefit other women at any stage of their career.