What are you passionate about?

First and foremost, I am passionate about Jesus Christ. Yet it took time to find my other passions. It was years later that I found myself engrossed in the philanthropic community, through charitable events, angel investing, and feeding the homeless. Why? I could not sit idly by and watch others suffer. Sitting on boards and lending a helping hand became a catalyst to greater things and bigger opportunities. My passion served as a compass for the direction my life should take.

One of the first mistakes people make is to look at others’ résumés. Never look at someone else’s résumé and believe you are unqualified or can never obtain what they have. Every success began with a failure. Every failure began with unbelief. Someone did not believe they would graduate or see themself as president of the company.

If you want to be successful, it begins with knowing your own worth. Every person on earth was born with an assignment and purpose. It’s our task to do something with what we have. If you were born in the United States, you are without excuse, for you have been given privileges that others may not have. It’s up to you to choose.

I’ve always been a go-getter. If you desire a better job, increase your education or work harder. If you want to be rich, study the affluent and create a plan. Success is all around you. So many have the capabilities yet are unwilling to work for their goals. While the best things in life are free, such as family and friends, the other things are not. Despite the trials and tribulations you may go through, know it will be worth it in the end. Success is waiting for you.

How has education affected your career?

Tremendously. I continue to return to school, take classes, courses, and attend seminars. You want to learn more tomor- row than what you already know today.

Is there a role model who has had a profound impact on your career and/or life?

What did he/she motivate you to do? There have been several role models in my life. My mother is one. She has always encouraged and inspired me. She has been my cheerleader, support system, and a true definition of the word mom.

Has discrimination affected you as a woman in the workplace?

How did you deal with it? At times, I have felt discrimination based on being a woman. I utilized this to my benefit in my career. I did not allow someone else’s beliefs to discourage my dreams or keep me from reaching higher.