Barriers to Gender Gap in STEM

Worldwide, the barrier is potentially cultural—“STEM is not for girls” Even if this is unconscious bias, rather than explicit in some areas of the world, this barrier is probably the hardest to break down, as it will take education of potentially a few generations to reach true gender equality in STEM.

In addition, the pay gap between males and females is a barrier that has been challenged for many years and positive strides are being made, but there is still room for improvement.

Moving Women Ahead in STEM

Encouragement and opportunity. Women have the talent and aptitude, but without the opportunity, it will never be realized. Although it is not an easy field of work, with the right type of talent management, mentorship, and career guidance women can grow and evolve in STEM. It is a leadership responsibility to enable this.

Where I See Women in STEM in Five Years

Within a five year timeframe I see broader gender parity within STEM, but I do not expect that it will yet be an even playing field across the globe.

I believe, though, that there will be greater intake of women into STEM fields of study at university.