“It doesn’t matter how you start, finish strong!” So says Brooke Lively. “My biggest obstacle when I started was fear of visibly failing. I started my business outside my hometown, where nobody knew me, and refined my business model and built my confidence. Then, I moved back to my hometown. It was the safe route. I wish I had started at home and simply pushed through the fear. If I had, my business would be two to three years ahead in its development. The lesson learned? Be confident in your work and value what you bring to the table.”

Lively brings ten years’ experience in the financial services industry, the last five as founder, CEO and president of Cathedral Capital. Her company provides carefully chosen teams of professionals that help guide companies through difficulties, such as receivership. The team becomes the business owner’s trusted advisors, providing strategic financial guidance and ensuring the best possible outcome.

Lively has earned the prestigious and globally recognized Chartered Financial Analyst designation, generally regarded as the key certification in the global investment management industry. She also authored 6 Key Numbers Every Entrepreneur Should Know, and is a frequent speaker at small-business events, conferences and national associations.

“The help provided to my clients is the accomplishment I take pride in,” says Lively. “I grow when they are empowered, build their companies, and better support themselves and their employees. I take great joy in walking alongside my clients. Helping them chart a course, overcome obstacles, discover hidden strengths, and scale peaks they never imagined they could conquer, is what drives me,” concludes Lively.

Diversity and inclusion is important to Lively. She designed a company where family is a priority and women can achieve work/life balance. She expects team members to strive to do their best, and she believes that each member offers something unique that makes the team more valuable to clients. Lively wants everyone around her to succeed and helps them do just that.