Give Yourself the Gift of Freedom

Freedom is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. It’s the reason I started my business.

Creating a business that gives you freedom and profits takes the right financial insight and strategies.   It’s been a journey for me to create it for myself and to discover the key elements of financial insight that create profitability.

Once we’ve stepped out of the frying pan and into the fire, we’re now in charge. Once you become a business owner, you are introduced to a whole new host of challenges, such as cash-flow problems, profitability pitfalls, payroll stress, credit card debt, and tax issues.

I know the feeling all too well! I left a cushy, secure job as a firm manager at my father’s law firm to venture out on my own. I soon found that creating a profitable business was not as easy as it looked.

I invested a lot of money to promote my business, maxing out my credit cards and getting deep into debt.   I was constantly running a loss, and this continued for eight out of twelve months my first year of business.

With time, things finally got better. As they say, we teach what we need to learn. I began to see a pattern emerge in what determines profitability; from there, my book, 6 Key Numbers™ Every Entrepreneur Should Know, was born.

Using the pattern I discovered, I was able to help our clients find profits to create a better lifestyle—more opportunities for them and their families, and quality experiences like concerts, camp, dream vacations, and new houses. They could hire new employees, so they could work fewer nights and weekends, and have a life outside work. Freedom!

One of my clients went from $20,000 a month in revenues to $200,000 a month in just two years. That’s a 900 percent revenue increase. Freedom!

Another client was making over half a million dollars a year, yet she couldn’t afford to pay herself. We created a customized pricing tool for her, leading to an additional $200,000 on her next deal. She could now pay herself an income and get out of debt. Freedom!

However, most important, our clients get peace of mind knowing they have a business that is financially solvent. Cathedral Capital is their trusted advisor that helps them maintain their profitability and has their backs. Freedom.