Creating Profitable Businesses

As president and CFO of Cathedral Capital, Brooke Lively leads a team of profitability strategists advising fast-growing companies on strategic financial decisions to grow their businesses.

With a decade of experience in the financial services industry, Lively is an advocate for small business owners. Her mission is to eradicate their struggles of being overworked and underpaid with roller coaster revenues.

She is passionate about making support available to as many small business owners as possible, showing them they don’t have to be a big company to afford a CFO. “There are simple and doable strategies that can make the entrepreneurial journey easier, and more rewarding and enjoyable,” Lively said. “It doesn’t have to be so hard, and they don’t have to do it alone.”

Lively empowers her clients with Six Key Elements of Financial Insight for creating a profitable and sustainable business. When they are in alignment, she says companies skyrocket their growth and maximize their profitability. Cathedral Capital serves as a financial consultant, assuming all responsibilities of a chief financial officer for closely held companies with revenues up to $10 million.

When asked if she’d do anything differently in her career, knowing what she knows now, Lively said, “Had I realized how much small business owners struggle and how easily a fractional CFO can help them grow, I would have taken the leap and opened my company sooner.”

Lively believes the most important quality a women leader should have is belief in her vision and in herself. She has been awarded the globally recognized Chartered Financial Analyst designation, the highest level of credentials in the global investment management industry. She holds an MBA in investments and corporate finance from Texas Christian University, and a Bachelor of Arts in international relations from Randolph Macon Woman’s College.

Words she lives by: “Everything you want is there for you, you just have to overcome the fear to get it.”