As CEO of the Blisk Financial Group of Spire Investment Partners, I built my business by connecting within the business community through developing long-term client friendships rather than business relationships.

Growing up on a Tennessee dairy farm and milking cows before school helps to develop a strong work ethic. So how did a farm girl become a top financial advisor? Well, a farm really is a family business. You have to organize, schedule, make a profit, and learn how to help others. So business for me was a natural direction and my passion was always to serve people. I love to help.

For 23 years, it’s been my mission to make a meaningful difference in my clients’ lives. As a breast cancer survivor, I am keenly aware of the importance of keeping one’s life in order, and as such, everything we do and the way we go about doing it, is guided by this calling. I’m often asked, “How did you overcome the structure of the male-dominated financial industry?” I believe it was less an obstacle and more a motivator. I used the odds to my advantage by focusing on potential clients ignored by my male counterparts—widows, women executives, and other women of influence.

I have extended guidance up to and through four generations. Some of our best success stories involve our ability to communicate effective solutions to a variety of family relationships. Client trust flows from a blend of confident and thoughtful advice, step-by-step guidance, and the efficient implementation of their decisions. I rely on independent resources; create personalized plans, information, and education.

Aside from the day-to day mentoring of our Gen-Y support staff, I am mentoring through the Women in Technology Mentor-Protégée Program for professional women. This includes: career path advice, work/life balance tips, and the development of networking skills. It is essentially the balance of these that gives young women a real chance to succeed.