In my mind, education in the workplace is one of the most critical issues when it comes to developing young talent and shaping future leaders. I sit on the Women’s Leadership Committee and the Diversity Council at GameStop. A critical mission of our group is to identify individuals who have displayed a desire to learn and a personal commitment for growth. In addition, it is a personal mission of mine to help the hundreds of employees in my region know their potential. That’s where you have to start. Throughout my ten years with the company, I’ve had the pleasure of watching dozens of talented people rise up through our organization. They all shared three traits which I think are key to success in business and in life: curiosity about everything; the ability to listen; and infectious optimism.

A great success story I like to share involves Cherish Calero, a former assistant manager in one of my stores. She had a lot of energy and passion and was eager to be promoted. Although she needed some additional development, my gut told me to take a risk and promote her to the next level as a store manager, as she had a wonderful recommendation from her district manager. Cherish very quickly added huge value to her store and her peers by recruiting and developing high-level, diverse talent. The energy and passion she brought to her store was contagious. Cherish spent two years as a store manager and is now a district manager in the Virginia Beach area overseeing 14 stores. Her energy and tenacity is infectious and everyone who works for her is dedicated to making a difference not only in our stores but in the communities in which we serve.

Cherish reminds me every day that my mission is to provide guidance and mentorship to young leaders so I can inspire them to know no limits and reach their potential. My hope for Hispanics in the coming decade is that we continue to inspire our youth to seek educational opportunities and professional growth. It is clear to me from my own background that the education of youth is the single most important activity we can take on to improve the lives of those in our communities.