As a consulting professional services organization, Deloitte consulting relies on its practitioners’ capabilities and talents. For Deloitte consulting to be successful in professional services, its role models must strive for a standard of excellence.

Each and every day I ask myself, “Am I bringing my personal best?” For me this means focusing on developing our people—which includes helping them understand the business of consulting and the attributes of a successful consultant, as well as their clients’ business challenges, and empowering them to be their best.

I am working to build Deloitte Consulting’s organizational strength through the cultivation of individual and diverse perspectives. For our practice to continue to thrive, it is more important than ever for us to place an increased emphasis on the human component. I am leading the efforts at Deloitte Consulting to raise the level of consciousness regarding the changing face of our world and workforce. Our people strategy at Deloitte Consulting will focus on the changing perspective of both our clients and our practitioners.

I believe success is based on a combination of attributes and actions: a passion for learning, a focus on results, the ability to influence others, and a vision.

What does success mean for our people? It means accomplishing what they set out to do—that’s what we all strive for. It also means walking away satisfied with the services they have provided to the client, and making sure the client is satisfied with the results. However, success is not just about providing services; it’s also about growing personally and professionally. I want to empower our people to walk away from their projects as better consultants—with improved technical capabilities and advisory skills, increased understanding of the subject matter, and stronger client relationships.

To what do I credit my own personal success? I have always had role models who saw something in me that was worth taking a risk and making an investment. I have also sought highly visible and complex client challenges, and I have always surrounded myself with good people whom I can both rely on and learn from.

In addition, I invest heavily in my relationships. It’s just as important for me to help others achieve their success as it is for them to play an integral role in helping me achieve my goals; it’s mutually beneficial and is the foundation of a lasting relationship.