Anne McCallion is the senior managing director and chief enterprise operations officer for PennyMac, a leading public company specializing in the U.S. mortgage market. She joined the company in 2009 as chief financial officer and was instrumental in the successful launch of the publicly traded PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust that same year, as well as the public launch of PennyMac Financial Services, Inc. in 2013. PennyMac’s financial results tell a story of consistent growth throughout McCallion’s tenure as CFO, beginning with its first full year of operations.

Earlier this year, McCallion was named the company’s senior managing director and chief enterprise operations officer. Her management responsibilities now span several divisions: legal, human resources (including diversity and inclusion), corporate administration and enterprise operations.

McCallion sees diversity as a “core value and a business imperative that drives growth. The reason it’s important,” she explains, “is when a business reflects its customer base it can produce goods or provide services that are better aligned to customers’ needs. Also, better decisions result when you have diverse views around the table – and people speak honestly about them.”

A key supporter of inclusion, McCallion leads organization-wide efforts for meaningful, deep and positive people-impact. She actively promotes an environment in which the unique strengths of all individuals are recognized and valued as the building blocks of a successful organization.

She says her greatest professional accomplishment to date has been building a capable and professional finance organization at PennyMac. “We went from a startup to two public companies, and from 72 employees to approximately 3,000. That accomplishment is all about world-class people, systems and processes.” McCallion offers other women who are currently building their own careers this advice, “Have clear goals, be flexible in your goals and be yourself.”