Reflecting back on my career path reminds me of all the peaks, valleys, and curves I have experienced over the years which have led to where I am today in the world of IT. Much of my career has been spent in heavily male-populated industries, which includes IT. I discovered early on, however not early enough, that building a community of colleagues who would provide guidance, support, and laughs was very important.

Throughout my career, there have been many people who have helped me get to where i am today and still help me as my career continues. I selectively cultivate relationships with other professionals, both men and women, and together we serve as trusted advisors and confidants for each other. In addition to being my friends and treasured colleagues, they have been, and still are, my mentors.

In my opinion, mentoring does not need to be formal, with an experienced pro who is going to share the hidden secrets to climbing the oh-so-slippery corporate ladder. To me, co-mentoring is the term that best describes how i view mentoring. I see it as an informal relationship that develops organically and is built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect. Additionally, I have benefited from mentoring experiences at many levels and believe that trusting somebody and building a positive relationship does not have to only be with someone at a higher level than myself, but could also be with my peers and those junior to me. It is because of these experiences that today I find myself serving as a mentor for both my direct reports and several colleagues at CA. Challenges and opportunities come in many forms. In our careers, as in life, there will be roadblocks, but I have learned that through strong support from the networks you create, you can achieve success.

I feel fortunate to be working at a company like CA that has many females serving in top leadership positions. There is truly a strong sense of camaraderie among the women at CA and I know I can count on my colleagues when I need them most. Additionally, CA has an established partnership with the Anita Borg institute for Women in Technology, a preeminent organization dedicated to positively impacting women in IT. This organization serves as an excellent source for best-practices and provides valuable resources. it is through all of this that i can lead by example and be a role model to others. Hopefully I can inspire and influence future leaders within ca and beyond.