One-time budding psychologist and gourmet chef Anna Mok is a partner in Deloitte’s Strategic Relationship Management Group. “I chose the professional services industry over my other areas of interest because I felt it would offer broader opportunities in terms of personal and professional development,” says Mok. “My past interests have given me a unique way to listen and to look at all the components of a situation in order to achieve the best outcome.”

As a client service executive, Mok leads some of Deloitte’s largest and most prestigious client relationships and integrates the various services and resources provided to global strategic clients. There is no typical work day for Mok, who is a wife and the mother of a three-year old. Today she might find herself working with the CIO and the next day she might find herself working with the client’s board. “I like the diversity that my position offers, not only interms of the bright people with whom I have an opportunity to work, but also interms of the different types of business issues for which we help clients find solutions.”

“Seeing the challenges that my parents faced in adapting to a new environment taught me to adjust to change quickly and to accept a lot of responsibility at a nearly age,” says Mok, who immigrated from Hong Kong to San Francisco as a young child. “I was young when my mother died; it deepened my appreciation of life and of those who area part of it. Although I might have many activities going on simultaneously, as much as possible, I try to get my work done between Monday and Friday so that I can spend quality time with Jordan and John on the weekend.”

Mok, who has worked with the firm for 15 years, began her career with Deloitte as a staff accountant. She was inducted into the firm’s partnership in 2000, becoming the first Chinese-American woman partner in the Advisory & Assurance practice and one of the first to be accepted in to the partnership. In addition to leading significant client relationships, Mok serves as the deputy managing partner of Deloitte’s U.S. Southeast Asia Desk Program and is on the executive committee of the National Chinese Services Group, working closely with global companies that have cross-border operations and transactions. Mok also leads her region’s Pacific Rim Group; is the Asian-American leader on her region’s Diversity Committee; and is a co-chair of the regional community affairs committee.

Mok is also very involved in Deloitte’s Global Development Program, which is focused upon bringing Deloitte professionals from the global firm to work in the U.S. She mainly mentors professionals who come from Asia,and helps them with their career development when they come to the states.

“Many of the people that I have worked with have returned to their countries and have become partners,” says Mok. “It’s great to know that this experience helped colleagues to realize their goals with Deloitte, and I feel good knowing that I was a part of that process.”