My personal philosophy is to confront my fears and adversities, not be afraid to fail, and to have a passion for all that I do. It has been a cornerstone in my professional and personal growth and a result of continuous introspection, accumulation of knowledge and experience, and an integrated perspective on life.

It drives my decision making, behavior, choices and actions and has served as source a of support during periods of doubt, turbulence and hardship. It was during times of trouble that my greatest strengths and most debilitating weaknesses were revealed, and my personal philosophy has helped me to move forward. Because accumulation of experience and knowledge is a lifelong process with diverse and broad experiences, successes, failures, and challenges, my personal philosophy remains organic.

Oftentimes, individuals in demanding jobs do not have the luxury of time for genuine reflection about their personal philosophy. Most write some peripheral thoughts about leadership, beliefs and personal philosophy, and discuss it with their immediate subordinates. However, allowing time for introspection is essential for one’s personal philosophy to unfold, expand, mature and deepen over time.

Everyday, we make decisions, some more life-changing than others. These decisions may include choosing between great opportunities, selecting the lesser of two evils or following a familiar road ahead. Such decisions require a great deal of thought, consideration, emotional involvement and sometimes conflict. But being able to rely on an underlying personal philosophy has helped me determine which path to follow.

Discovering a personal philosophy is empowering and one that has allowed me to embrace my solitude to create a framework for understanding the world, people and events around me. While my own core values continue to be the bedrock of my personal philosophy, I relish the unpredictable journey ahead and all the possibilities that await me.