One of a handful of female managing partners in California, Ann Marie Mortimer also heads Hunton & Williams’ energy and environmental litigation practice. For 20 years, she has successfully counseled clients through high-impact consumer protection and false advertising class action lawsuits, as well as environmental and toxic tort multiparty litigation. Besides lead-ing a high-profile and demanding practice, she manages a variety of pro bono matters, making her one of the state’s most well-regarded lawyers.

Currently, Mortimer is defending an internet service provider in approximately 40 class action lawsuits involving what has been described as one of the largest security incidents in history – a state-sponsored criminal intrusion into the client’s network systems. “The complexity of the matter is challenging and exciting, as well as timely, given the current national focus on the risks of foreign criminal cyber intrusions into U.S. affairs and businesses,” she explains.

“I am the product of a women’s college, so I am a big believer in the power of women united. I believe my willingness to speak up and make my ideas known, candidly and without apology, helped me become a leader in my profession,” Mortimer observes. “I am proud to be able to recruit women lawyers and recommend them to firm clients, giving them an opportunity to share their ideas and move into leadership roles.”

“In today’s marketplace, companies do business across the globe. Those with management teams that most closely reflect this diversity have greater insights, find more markets and, consequently, earn higher profits,” continues Mortimer. “The same is true in legal representation. Inclusion and diversity is not only the right thing to do, it also ensures better results.”

Finally, Mortimer advises younger women to be the stewards of their own destiny. “Nobody will be as invested in your success as you are. It is not a passive process, so actively look for opportunities to build and showcase your professional abilities. Also, while it is a natural and human tendency to be humble about your skills, in the workplace, stretch yourself and have confidence that when you reach, you can achieve,” she concludes.