Increasing Diversity in STEM

In order to increase diversity in STEM fields, we need to do the following:

  • Encourage Black and Latinx students by providing opportunities to learn and engage, and by removing financial and social barriers
  • Recruit and build intentionally
  • Develop and advocate for affordable, accessible academic and professional opportunities for Black and Latinx individuals
  • Identify barriers that BIPOC health professionals may encounter when applying for funding and conference presentations and when submitting manuscripts
  • Ensure diversity in review panels and recognize that traditionally marginalized people do not have access to the same networks

Moving Women Forward in STEM

The lack of systemic investment in childcare and early childhood education is a key barrier to closing the gender gap in STEM. The pandemic has shown us that women bear the brunt of the childcare burden and are often made to decide between career and family.

Investment in our childcare infrastructure can help with enabling more women to get in and stay in STEM fields. Engaging girls early on in a manner that normalizes women in STEM and creates opportunity and mentorship is also key.

My Experiences in STEM

I have had the opportunity to have many female mentors who I not only learned from, but who also provided me with a variety of opportunities that helped pave a way for my career in STEM. I hope to do the same for the next generation of female STEM professionals.

The past year has been a difficult one for so many, but especially for working women. Professional and personal support systems, including employers, care providers, and neighbors, have been so instrumental in determining whether or not women have been able to get in and stay in STEM this year, and will continue to be important.