Angela Ferrante began her career at two prominent global law firms, where she quickly established herself as a highly sought-after restructuring industry resource. After joining GCG in 2007, she proceeded to grow a seven-person bankruptcy and insolvency practice into one that has had as many as 90 professionals in multiple offices.

Today, Ferrante serves as GCG’s senior vice president of operations, responsible for the oversight and management of the hundreds of class action settlement administrations and restructuring matters, mass tort settlements, regulatory administrations, legal notice programs, product recall programs and data breach response programs handled from the company’s New York operations center. Her tenacity and leadership has earned the trust of law firms, corporations and courts who, based on Angela’s industry reputation, hire GCG for their largest and most challenging restructuring cases, including General Motors and American Airlines.

A true innovator, she spearheaded the evolution of the firm’s technology to support its restructuring services, including robust online claim and solicitation portals, providing clients with industry leading efficiency, accuracy and cost savings.

Despite competing demands as a professional and a working mother, Ferrante seeks to maintain both perspective and a sense of humor. Coworkers view her as generous with her time as a mentor and a true example of how life experiences, not just career accomplishments, shape success.

Ferrante says her greatest professional accomplishment has been helping to grow a GCG division from a handful of professionals to 90, and multiplying revenues more than six-fold. “That success was based on a highly focused strategy to seize the potential of our company’s unique position within the marketplace and lead our team with clear direction and purpose aimed at ensuring the best experience possible for our clients,” she observes. “

I am curious and excited about the rapid changes happening in our industry. I encourage women to have a seat at the table and not shy away from expressing ideas and sharing their input,” Ferrante explains. “While your most impactful contributions will be those that are thoughtful, factual and supported by data, don’t discount the unique perspective women offer on many issues which often go unspoken,” states Ferrante.