Overcoming the STEM Gender Gap

Women have made great strides in the STEM fields in past years as we approach equal numbers with our male counterparts. Today, we are invited into STEM fields and many of the barriers that limited our involvement in the past have been dissolved. There are still barriers, but I personally believe that our perseverance, our support for one another, and the support of our male colleagues will eventually eliminate gender gaps. And, as more women become successful in this field, others will be inspired to join and become successful, as well.

The STEM World Is Changing

Views on gender roles have evolved in recent years, allowing women to have a stronger voice in developing their own career vectors. Women in STEM are not afraid to speak up, receive credit for their ideas, and conduct their own research. In turn, more women are becoming more prominent in STEM, which inspires other women to join and pursue similar success. This cycle will continue and the population of women in the STEM fields will continue to grow.

Moving Women Forward in STEM

We must remember that, as women, that our male colleagues are our friends and can become part of our career support structure. Be sure to leverage your male connections and mentors. In my career, I have many men to thank the opportunities, mentoring, and training I’ve had along the way to my own career successes. And, it is our role to support equally the careers of both men and women as they enter STEM fields.

That said, in order to maintain the current rate of female population growth in the STEM field, recognition for these women is important. Providing equal opportunities regardless of gender, is crucial for women to feel motivated in this field and continue to be a part of the community. As more women become successful in this field, more leadership positions will be occupied by women, demonstrating that women and men can succeed in STEM fields.

Women in STEM 5 Years Out

The population of women in the STEM field will continue to increase as stereotypes are broken and more women join STEM programs. In five years, more women will be recognized as important members of this community and the gender gap will continue to close.