To Boost Your Career, Look For the Factors that Truly Matter

As we are currently in the midst of a labor shortage and an “era of the employee,” many of us are looking to find new job opportunities. While money is always important to everyone, I would like to offer a suggestion to enhance your career long term—focus on the things that truly matter.

Who you work for

Everyone knows when your boss is great, your job/life is better. And when your boss is not great, your job/life can be hell. Spend time talking to the potential hiring manager. Be prepared to ask thoughtful questions around how work gets done, team culture, company culture, and expectations. If possible, ask team members the same type of questions to look for consistency. When you have experienced many bosses over different jobs, you know when you find a gem. Hold on to that gem for as long as possible.

Who you work with

The people you work with and learn from have a huge impact on your level of job satisfaction and engagement. When team members work well together, with a collaborative and supportive approach, everyone is able to achieve his or her goals and have a positive experience. Keep in touch with those great colleagues because opportunities to work with them will come around again.

Work that fuels your passion

I am passionate about transforming organizations with people challenges and strategically planning for future success. Employees today are at a critical inflection point, where skills, mindset, and ways of working are shifting dramatically. This is a difficult transition period. I want to help employees become the flexible, critical thinkers they need to be, so they can thrive and deliver on business goals.

Another passion that fuels my work is the opportunity to coach and mentor young professionals who are at an early point in their careers. I have been privileged to mentor many colleagues, especially women. I strive to empower them, and develop their strengths and address their weaknesses in order to better meet challenges in the workplace.

It makes me proud when former mentees share, “Amy was always enthusiastic and inspiring, and truly cared about my personal growth and development. She took the time to ensure that I had the tools and resources I needed to be successful, provided feedback on a consistent basis, and was always the first to congratulate me on my accomplishments. She has been an incredible mentor to me and played a large role in my success to date.”

I provide enthusiasm and inspiring leadership to organizations that need to shift from how we always did things to how we can facilitate a future environment of learning, growing, thinking—one that is client focused, productive, and fun!

I am deeply grateful to Profiles in Diversity Journal for this prestigious award.