While it may be true that some people are born leaders, I believe that strong leaders are developed.

Throughout our careers, most of us are likely to remem- ber the people along the way that recognized our potential and who offered opportunity, direction and encouragement. As a leader myself today, I take the responsibility to provide this same foundation to those I lead, with great commitment.

I have always appreciated the value of hard work, to which I may expressly credit my father, the very first of my mentors. From my earliest job at age 16, I experienced personally how much more one can accomplish with hard work when supported by the guidance and confidence of someone who is rooting for you to succeed.

Upon joining the company which is now Liberty Global, I have had the great fortune of working with solid, dynamic leaders, who often lent their experiences and knowledge to help me shape my career. While each contributed their own strengths, offering directional, practical or inspirational motivation, all instilled a sense of empowerment enabling me to seek continued growth.

With that focus on growth, alongside the support of trust- ed leaders, I have been able to forge a path I have immensely enjoyed. Ultimately, my most challenging decisions have been my most fulfilling, whether accepting an international role in the Netherlands where I remained for seven years, or later, returning to the United States to lead global Human Resources. Throughout these milestones, I have relied immeasurably upon the wisdom and example of my mentors to guide me personally as well as professionally.

Today, it is this key platform of both opportunity and empow- erment that I aim to provide to the upcoming leaders I encounter. With a company that extends across 17 countries, my job presents an expansive and exciting forum to reach and impact new leaders. Liberty Global also highly values the recognition of its employees and encourages opportunity for long-term growth. After almost 15 years with the company, I am a proud example.

I strongly believe that influential leaders are those that have experienced more through trying more. It is therefore our task to ensure that new and upcoming leaders have goals to pursue, chal- lenges to welcome and the confidence to do so with vigour.